2nd Annual Upcycled Art Contest

In honor of Earth Day 2022, LexZeroWaste is holding its 2nd Annual Student Upcycled Art Contest. We invite students in grades K-12 to create an original piece of art from items that would normally be thrown away. Potential materials include items like candy or snack food wrappers, plastic straws, styrofoam, used milk cartons, pet food bags, plastics that can’t be recycled (black plastics and #s 3, 6, and 7 plastics), and any items smaller than 2″ in size which would literally fall through the cracks of the recycling sorting machines and not get recycled. All entrants are encouraged to be creative and use as many non-recyclable, non-compostable waste items as possible! See below for examples of waste materials to use in your artwork.

Submission Guidelines
To participate in the contest, please upload a clear digital photo of the artwork via this form by 5 pm, Thursday, May 12, 2022. Entries will be evaluated by a panel of local artists, including collage artist Mandy Settembre, painter Judy Ellen Sanders, and painter Amantha Tsaros.

Winners will be notified via email by Saturday, May 14th. In the spirit of reuse, winners will receive prize baskets of gently used or like new arts and crafts supplies that have been generously donated by members of our community. If you have items that may be suitable for inclusion in the prize baskets, donations are still being accepted. Please contact Anne Richtarik to arrange any possible donations, or if you have questions about the contest.