About Us

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Founded in 2020, Lexington Zero Waste Collaborative, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and taking action to address the impacts of our consumption choices on the well-being of the Earth and all life on it.


We seek to increase adoption of sustainable practices by individuals, organizations, businesses, and government through advocacy, access, education, and collaboration.


We imagine a world …

 … where it is easy to choose a sustainable path to protect the Earth for future generations;

 … where people learn together and discover new ways to embrace zero waste living, building a community of citizens and organizations committed to finding solutions;

… where changes we make together in our community ripple out to support other communities, both near and far;

… where we can live abundantly and sustainably as stewards of the Earth’s resources so all may thrive.