Waste Free Holiday Wrapping!

This time of year, each household typically uses 4 rolls of gift wrapping paper. Did you know wrapping paper is usually made of a mix of different paper types, shiny glitter (a microplastic) or foil, and bright dyes? This means wrapping paper can’t be recycled and in n the U.S., about 2.3 million pounds of wrapping paper is disposed of every year.

For a zero waste holiday, consider wrapping gifts with cloth – a Japanese tradition and art form called “furoshiki”. Fabric pieces, dish towels, or specific furoshiki wraps can be used. Add a recycled gift tag and your gift giving can be waste free.

You can find a variety of different types of reusable fabric wraps and bags at Center Goods on Waltham St or create your own – using a scarf, t-shirt, or a piece of fabric. Here’s a hint: a 30 inch square piece of fabric will wrap a shoe box,or book. A 40 inch square should be enough for a board game or sweater box. The trick is to place the box at an angle! Here’s a link to one of many websites that demonstrate different ways to wrap gifts with furoshiki.

Happy Gift-Giving from LexZeroWaste!

Array of Furoshiki options available at Center Goods