Reusable Containers soon to be available for bulk foods in Concord

Concord’s Board of Health just approved a variance to the Food Code allowing customers to use containers from home for purchasing bulk foods. This is a significant win for the world of reuse and we look forward to the possibility for this in Lexington…

From Debra’s Natural Gourmet in Concord, who led the effort: “One of the points we tried to make was that nothing in the food system is 100% risk free and that the question to ask, β€œIs the risk reasonable?” There is a track record of safety and acceptance for returnables in industrialized, well-regulated countries around the world. Here, now, we allow people to squeeze peaches to see if they are ripe, we sell sushi, chicken, unpasteurized apple cider, and allow people to refill their own coffee cups at gas stations – we accept self-serve salad bars. Since we do accept that risk, why should a mason jar from home be banned as dangerous?”

Great work, Debra and all those who supported the effort!