Support for Article 17 Clean Heat at Hartwell Ave.

Here is the statement from LexZeroWaste in response to the upcoming Article 17 to be voted on at Lexington’s Special Town Meeting this month.

“In line with our mission to raise awareness and take action to address the impacts of our consumption choices on the well-being of the Earth and all life on it, LexZeroWaste is proud to publicly support Article 17 “Clean Heat for Hartwell Ave” in the upcoming Lexington Special Town Meeting.

Article 17 seeks to add “incentive zoning” for lab buildings in the new commercial district on Hartwell Avenue. 

This zoning initiative, if passed, will incentivize new lab buildings–currently exempted from having to use alternatives to fossil fuels–to adopt hybrid HVAC systems. This is projected to reduce harmful emissions by 60 – 90% from what would otherwise be produced by new lab buildings in the district.

Consuming fossil fuels produces waste that is harmful to our environment and human health and emits greenhouse gases that contribute to global heating, undermining our ability to avert a climate catastrophe for future generations.

We applaud the work and effort of the Sustainable Lexington Committee, the Clean Heat Alliance, and all sponsors of Article 17 who are offering a tool for commercial developers to do their part to change course and move towards a future built on zero waste. “